5 Forms of Mistreatment

In Alamo Heights ISD we are committed to providing the students with a safe environment in which they are able excel in all areas of development. It is for this reason all students are taught the five forms of mistreatment:

  • Exclusion: The target feels left out
  • Put-downs: The target feels bad or hurt
  • Bullying: The target feels afraid*
  • Unwanted physical contact: The target’s personal boundaries are violated
  • Acts against everyone: The entire campus or large portions of it are affected

The counselors at each of the schools, elementary through high school, provide in-class instruction in these five areas.  By identifying the specific ways in which students can be emotionally and or physically hurt, students can then be empowered with strategies for stopping and minimizing the mistreatment of others.  Working with students to identify the five types of mistreatment and teaching them ways to peacefully resolve conflict takes them from being a bystander to being a problem solver.

*For the district policy on “bullying” (how to report it, definitions, etc.) see Board of Trustees policy FFI local.

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