Tuition Bus Info

As we work to comply with the health and safety directives provided to us by local and state health agencies, as well as, the Texas Education Agency and Governor’s Office, we are only able to provide our traditional bus service for bus riders living 2 miles or further from their respective school campus.

AHISD will not be able to offer the Tuition Bus program during the Fall 2020 service period. 

We will consider reinstating the Tuition Bus program as the health directives allow in the Spring semester. Please review our Transportation website for updates.

When we are able to offer Tuition Bus Service, you can expect:

If you are currently living closer than 2 miles from the school your child attends and do

not currently qualify for bus service we have a wonderful program for you!

  • Bus service will begin as state guidelines allow.
  • Availability is first-come, first-served.
  • For children on free/reduced lunch, there is no cost.
  • If you do not qualify for free/reduced lunch, the cost will be $300.00/school year/student.
  • Refunds for service cancellation will only be given within two weeks of the approved start of service. Refunds will NOT be given for behavioral issues. 
  • Bus contracts must be submitted, and payment made or free reduced lunch verified before ridership can begin. This process takes a minimum of three days. 
  • Tuition must be renewed every school year.
  • Anyone living outside of 2 miles is still free to ride.
  • Anyone using the after school late bus service is still free to ride. Late bus runs at Elementary schools: Tues - Thurs at 4:40 pm; Junior School: Mon - Thurs at 5:00 pm; and High School: Mon - Thurs at 5:10 pm.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service to any student who does not follow bus safety expectations. 


Q. How do I find out the bus stops and times for my address?

A. You are welcome to call Transportation and we will give you an estimated time and stop.

To help you decide if bus service will work for you, we have listed the windows of time that we transport students.

Howard windows are: 6:50am-7:10am, 3:05pm-3:25pm.
Woodridge/Cambridge windows are: 7:20am-7:40am, 3:35pm-4:05pm.
Junior School/High School windows are: 7:50am-8:15am, 4:15pm-4:45pm.

The final bus information is relayed to parents by phone the week before school starts. Please keep in mind that we have children added to the routes all year so the times/stops are always subject to change. 

Q. Who do I pay for this service?

A. You will make checks/money orders payable to AHISD and deliver or mail to Transportation C/O Central Office, 7101 Broadway, San Antonio, TX 78209

Q. Where do I find the bus contract?


Q. I don’t have internet access. What should I do?

 A. If you do not have internet access please go to your child's campus for assistance.

Q. What if I cannot afford the tuition cost?

A. If your child is already signed up for free/reduced lunch or you sign them up now, they can ride at no cost. Proof of participation in the free/reduced lunch program will be required from Food Service. You will need to contact Transportation to begin the verification process.

Where does the bus stop?

A. There will be cluster stops near the existing bus routes. If your stop is not close to an existing bus route, we will add a stop as close to you as possible, as route time allows.

Q. What does first come first serve mean?

A. Our buses have a certain number of seats currently available. Whoever applies for one of those seats first, whether a tuition rider or a free/reduced lunch rider, will be given the seat. Once those seats are taken you would then be put on a waiting list until a seat becomes available.

Q. What do I do if I want my child to be a tuition rider next school year?

A. For next school year the Transportation department will begin signing kids up that are tuition or free/reduced lunch riders on 6/7/2021. The non-refundable fee will be $300.00 for the year if you don’t qualify for free/reduced lunch. Every year the enrollment and waiting list starts over. 

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